Dr. Cyril Kanjookaran

Dr. Kanjookaran grew up in Chicago, IL and Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He attended undergraduate at The University of Florida, and received his Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy at the University of St. Augustine. He has outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine work experience, along with injury prevention and post-op surgical rehabilitation.

Patients and Integrity, are the two main Core Values that drives Dr. Kanjookaran each day.

He is also vert passionate about helping patients remove their fear of movement and inactivity.

“Motion is Lotion and Movement is Medicine”

Dr. Kanjookaran ‘s main driver is to spread awareness that the body can be fixed and healed through natural means of movement, nutrition and mental balance. They body wants to heal itself… we just give it the ability to do so quicker.

He specializes in post-op knee surgeries, TMJ dysfunction, hip pain, shoulder and knee injuries. Dr. Kanjookaran is working towards his orthopedic clinical specialist certification.

Here at Activa Physical Therapy we have created The ability to provide a patient first service experience. We pride ourselves on compassion, timeliness, and integrating the care component of healthcare into each of our interactions with our clients. Dr. Kanjookaran ‘s focus is on delivering high quality care for his patients and following thru with Activa’s long term vision. .

What’s Dr. Cyril Kanjookaran Reading and Listening To?

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When he’s not at Activa Physical Therapy you can find Dr. Kanjookaran spending time exercising, watching movies, and eating at a great restaurant