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Trigger Points

Trigger points are knots that develop in the muscle and tissue as a result of stress or injury. They can cause sharp and intense pain or dull aches and other ill effects throughout the body. Trigger points are the result of muscle trauma, muscle strain from repetitive movements, postural strain from sitting or standing improperly for long periods of time, emotional stress, anxiety, allergies, and nutritional deficiencies. Trigger points are made up of tightly contracted muscle fibers which trigger chronic pain in other areas of the body. There are both “active” trigger points and “latent” trigger points. The “active” trigger point results in pain or other tangible sensations while the “latent” trigger point will produce decreased range-of-motion and weakness. Trigger points have also been known to cause sweating, ringing in ears, dizziness, urinary frequency, buckling of knees, and tearing of eyes. Activa Physical Therapy can provide techniques that can help rejuvenate the body while at the same time decreasing trigger points through massage.

What Helps Decrease Trigger Points?

Massage is the only effective way to “work out” the knots of muscle that make up the trigger point. Simply rubbing cream or applying a vibrating massager will not change the nature of the muscle tissue that has contracted into the trigger point. What it needs is deep and sustained pressure. Having a trained physical therapist gives you the advantage of identifying the exact location and intensity of the trigger point. The mystery of the trigger point is that they typically refer pain to another part of the body, hiding the real culprit causing your discomfort. Trigger point massage therapy is specifically designed to track down the trigger point, and alleviate pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release.

Trigger point massage helps to release stress, naturally manage pain, reduce muscle spasms, improve range-of-motion, and break up scar tissue. It also allows for increased blood flow which promotes healing and general health. Trigger point massage is most effective when it is applied on a regular basis. The therapy produces the long-term benefits of preventing pain, correcting balance and posture, and improving muscle strength.

What is a Cross Friction Massage?

What is a Cross friction massage? Collagen fibers are laid down haphazardly during an injury, and so cross friction massage helps to re-align these fibers in a proper form for maximal function. The purpose is to influence cell behavior in soft tissues and strengthen the regenerating tissues in the injured area. This is different than conventional massage which is directed parallel to the targeted muscles to increase blood flow. Cross friction massage is particularly helpful for healthy repair of damaged tissue, healing tendonitis, and curing chronic tears.

Tissue regeneration in an injured area, if not healed properly, can produce a weaker and less elastic tissue than the surrounding area which was untouched by the injury. This new tissue is prone to re-injury. There are three stages of tissue healing that occur after injury; the inflammatory stage, the regenerative or repair stage, and the remodeling stage. During the regenerative and remodeling stages it is very important to manipulate the tissue to orient and strengthen it. Otherwise, the regenerated tissue will be more sensitive to flare-ups, muscle spasms, and a higher rate of re-injury.

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