Therapeutic Exercise Naperville, IL

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise include a broad spectrum of activities ranging from stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, balance and proprioception training, stabilization exercises, and skill drills. These are focused around functional activities such as bending, lifting, carrying, reaching, pushing, pulling, and stooping. They are used to improve strength, mobility, and function, and to decrease pain and swelling. They also improve circulation and release contracted muscles and tendons. The ultimate goal of therapeutic exercises is to develop and/or maintain muscle strength and flexibility.

Types of Therapeutic Exercise

  • Endurance Training

    – this training focuses on large muscle groups and varies in frequency, intensity, and duration to attain total fitness.

  • Resistance Training

    – this training increases strength, speed, power, and balance and decreases fat mass.

  • Flexibility Training

    – this training can aid in improving and maintaining range of motion in joints and muscles.

How Does Therapeutic Exercise Work?

At Activa Physical Therapy, our physical therapists prioritize the safety of our patients by monitoring symptoms before, after, and during therapeutic exercises. We help establish short and long term goals to ensure an experience of progress during rehabilitation. In evidence based therapeutic exercises, our physical therapist use our specialized expertise and experience to design individualized programs that are specific to each person’s injury, needs, and stage of recovery. Our goal is to help you develop and/or maintain a state of well-being.

Results of Therapeutic Exercise

The activities associated with therapeutic exercise improve functional performance for every day and specific lifestyle movements. The benefits of therapeutic exercise and treatment can involve correction of impairment, improved musculoskeletal function, improved circulation, improved balance, relaxation of muscles and tissues, and mobilization of joints. Overall, the general purpose of therapeutic exercises is to promote physical fitness and provide you the ability to live at optimal levels of performance.

Supervised therapeutic care and exercise are considered medically necessary for loss or restriction of joint motion, strength, or functional capacity. Lack of flexibility, back injuries, and osteoarthritis are also commonly alleviated by this type of treatment. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, evidence based therapeutic exercises is recommended.

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