Imran Q.

I tore my ACL while playing basketball with some friends. I wasn’t able to run, jump, or play any sports for the next many months. I got surgery done about 5 months later, and started my physical therapy sessions at Activa Physical Therapy a few days later. I went from not being able to walk or even have the proper control/strength to move my leg to 6 months later being right back where I was before I tore my ACL. The staff at Activa is just awesome. Physical Therapy was the only part of my day that I would look forward to only because of how fun and enthusiastic the team here is. They’ll put you through the necessary pain but also make you laugh throughout the session (mostly by making fun of Kevin, who takes it like a champ). I would highly recommend Activa Physical Therapy over any other PT clinic. They provide very high quality of service and make you feel like family by giving you the proper individual attention that other PT clinics choose to overlook. Thank you guys a lot for the pain, the laughs, and healing my legs.