Supervised Medical Treatments Naperville, IL

Supervised Medical Treatments

At Activa Physical Therapy, our number one priority is you. Our supervised medical treatments and therapy starts with an initial examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and prognosis regarding your health, disabilities, and bodily needs. Our plan of care is then mapped out for you personally, providing you with tangible and appropriate guidelines surrounding your individualized treatment. Medical treatment usually involves interpreting specific instruction from the patient’s doctor or other medical professional. We understand the importance of following and applying these instructions, and are dedicated to helping you fulfill all that your doctor prescribes. One on one, personalized care and supervised treatment gives you the most effective means of carrying out the regimens evaluated for your therapy. Our physical therapists walk you through every exercise step by step and set you up for success by giving you support, feedback, and direction.

Treatment for Medical Conditions

Medical conditions arise out of all sorts of things from illness, diseases, deficiencies, surgeries, or injuries. Treatment is meant to bring those medical conditions in check, and to remove the need for treatment altogether by improving health to the point of wholeness. Sometimes, though, a condition is chronic like spinal stenosis, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. The goal of therapy in these cases is to help you live more easily. As well, physical therapy for conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, and major cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) problems constitutes a critical part of a patient’s rehabilitation process. For these conditions, physical therapists specifically address issues of range-of-motion, strength, endurance, mobility, and safety.

Supervised Care

The supervised care that can be provided at Activa Physical Therapy not only encourages a healthy approach to various medical conditions, but also can be a key ingredient to initiate change or adaptation of a patient’s treatment program. Because the patient can be at the physical therapist’s several times a week, the practitioner has the ability to notice even subtle changes to the patient’s condition and adjust the treatment accordingly. This is important because a medical condition can sometimes be volatile, and the physical therapist can identify and help prevent complications before they may arise.

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