Erin Menegon

Erin grew up and lived in the same house all her life in the historic area of Joliet. She attended Catholic grade school at the Cathedral of Saint Raymond till fourth grade, then magnet school at Eisenhower until eight grade. She later attended Joliet Central Highschool all four years followed by undergrad at Carroll University in Waukesha Wisconsin. She is currently attending the first Occupational Therapy Program in the state of Wisconsin History: At Mount Mary University in Milwaukee.

Perseverance and Client Centered Care are the two main Core Values that drives Erin each day.
She believes that a lot of success in life is staying in the game long enough to make and learn from your mistakes.

“The things I used to trip on I walk over now”

Erin’s main driver is to help patients return to meaningful activities that they used to enjoy. She enjoys working with patients who recently had a Knee replacement, foot and ankle rehab, and hip recovery.

Here at Activa Physical Therapy we have created The ability to provide a patient first service experience. We pride ourselves on compassion, timeliness, and integrating the care component of healthcare into each of our interactions with our clients. Coming from a nationwide therapy chain prior and seeing impersonal care + rushed treatments, Dr. Sharma aimed to create a healing and upbeat environment focusing on serving and educating the community.

What’s Erin Reading and Listening To?

  • Just One Thing
  • How to Have a Good Day
  • OT Exam Prepper

When she’s not at Activa Physical Therapy you can find Erin doing things she enjoys outside of work include hiking and taking her dog to the dog park. She also enjoy playing games, doing activities, and cooking with family.