Soft Tissue Adhesion Removal Naperville, IL

Soft Tissue Adhesion Removal

Soft tissue adhesion is internal scar tissue that results because of an abnormal attachment between two body tissues, most specifically fascia covering muscle and associated soft tissue. Adhesions naturally develop after trauma, inflammation, and infection. Other potential causes of soft tissue adhesions are surgery, accidents, and stress of certain areas. Because adhesions are an improper binding together of tissues, they produce many deleterious effects including restriction of movement, intense pain, restriction of blood circulation, restriction of tissue drainage causing toxin retention, and muscle weakness. A common example of an adhesion is what is generally referred to as a muscular “knot” that just won’t release.

Soft Tissue Adhesion Treatment

The formation of soft tissue adhesions after certain types of surgery (including laparoscopy or laparotomy, C-sections or episiotomy, appendectomy, bowel obstruction repair, back, knee or hip surgery, hysterectomy, and gastric bypass plastic surgery) are common. This is because scar tissues, or adhesion of tissue crosslinks, form in the natural healing response of the body. But oftentimes they form in unnatural ways, linking organs and/or muscles that need freedom of movement. This causes the feeling of being in a “straightjacket” basically limiting motion and potentially causing a great deal of pain. Activa Physical Therapy can help counteract this process of soft tissue adhesion by showing you stretching exercises and massage therapy. These two operations are ideally practiced at the first sign of potential muscle or tissue adhesion.

There are various methods to try and correct soft tissue adhesions after being formed. Stretching exercises and applied pressure during massage work greatly to detach the crosslinks that the adhesion is made up of. Nutritional diet also can play a key role in getting rid of an adhesion. And on a hands on level, our physical therapists use IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue massage), Gua Sha, and Graston tools to help relieve these tense areas quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Where To Go For Tissue Adhesion Therapy

At Activa Physical Therapy we are experienced in soft tissue adhesion reduction and removal. The techniques our physical therapist use are effective, and they are personalized to give you the relief you need. Restricted movement as a result of an adhesion can negatively affect your life and keep you from doing the things you love. Our purpose is to help you get your life back by providing the treatment you need to be whole again, treating the person as not individual parts, but as parts to a whole.

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