Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) is a therapy technique that involves controlled contraction of muscles at varying levels of intensity while the practitioner applies precisely positioned counterforce. This is an active procedure that Activa performs that requires the patient to engage in tasks of directed muscle movement while the practitioner applies counterforce in a designated motion. In other words, the patient pulls while the physical therapist pushes.

This technique is applied to misaligned joints or muscles in spasm, inducing muscle contractions to correct the joint alignment and restore balance. It is useful for many musculoskeletal and joint issues. Besides freeing and re-aligning restricted or misaligned joints, muscle energy techniques are also used to lengthen shortened muscles to provide a greater range of motion. MET also helps strengthen weak muscles, eliminates trigger points, and relaxes tight muscles.

As a result of the actions involved in MET, specific bodily movements can be restored to normal without stressing joints, muscles, or previously injured areas.  Activa Physical Therapy provides MET gently and with a specific focus. It is simple, yet effective.

How Does Muscle Energy Technique Work in Naperville?

MET is used to resolve numerous limitations and is applicable to almost all types of injuries. The advantages of MET are in the active and supervised aspects of the technique. Because it is a dynamic therapy, it restricts the body’s ability to compensate for the injury or dysfunction by routing movement in the most compliant way possible. This is the natural tendency of the body, but it does not allow for the stretching or growth of movement. Applying MET, however, gently requires a little more of the body each time and pushes the limits to restore or increase the body’s abilities. The other important contribution that MET gives to the patient is guided and practiced movements. Besides applying counterforce to produce contraction and increase the strength of the muscle, the practitioner always uses precise instruction and application. The intelligence of the muscle energy technique is its effective production of the desired result because of purposeful exercise.

Muscle energy techniques are used because of the inherent absence of stress to either the joints or muscles. MET is a perfect way to remove obstacles that the body has placed on itself due to disuse, injury, illness, atrophy, or joint misalignment. Muscle energy techniques require nothing more of the body than what it is willing to give, but over time, the body is empowered to give more and more.

Mobilization for Muscle Health

Mobilization is more than just stretching tense muscles or stiff joints. Muscles were designed to glide past one another. But carrying heavy loads, constantly working out, sitting in a single position for the length of the day, sleeping in a fetal position, and activities like these can inhibit the gliding and the muscles essentially become “glued” together, acting as a single unit rather than moving separately. Mobilization techniques offer relief from tense and knotted muscles as well as improve joint movements. There are various exercises that fall under the category of mobilization techniques. The prerequisite is that they are movement-based with a full-body approach that addresses the elements that limit movement and performance.

Mobilization therapy is used for treating tense muscles, sprains, strains, stress injuries, tendonitis, shin splints, and other injuries, muscle, or soft tissue based issues. It can also be used to break down scar tissues.

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