What is Moist Heat Therapy?

Moist heat therapy is a form of thermotherapy. It is essentially the same concept as cryotherapy, but using heat instead of cold. Thermotherapy is mainly used for pain relief and to stimulate circulation, but this application of heat also relaxes muscles and prevents muscle spasms. Moist heat means that the application of heat involves moisturized sources in order to keep the body from dehydrating and the targeted area from drying out, and provides a sense of muscle calming and relaxation.

How Can Moist Heat Therapy Help?

Moist heat packs are kept at specific temperatures for the sensation of “warmth” and not a burning heat. The packs are stored in a hot water hydrocollator tank until ready for application. Special towels or wraps cover the packs when being used, preventing the skin around the targeted area from getting too hot and keeping the packs from cooling off as quickly. Hot baths or vapor baths are also considered moist heat, and they are just as common as the moist heat pack.

For injuries, illnesses, or symptoms represented by chronic pain, inflammation, tightened muscles, and muscle spasms, or if these are results of other issues, Activa Physical Therapy could very well give you the relief you need when dealing with these ailments or others.

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