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Sports Injuries Rehab

Sports injuries can happen as a result of the many different types of demands on the body that athletes are subject to. Sports and competitive programs require combinations of strength, power, endurance, and control, often in an ever-changing environment. Traumatic events like concussions or non-impact injuries like an ACL tear require specific therapy to condition the healing process in order for an athlete to get back in the game at pre-injury performance levels. The repetitive overuse of a single area, the result from many sport activities like baseball pitching, golfing, and the quarterback position in football, can require unique physical demands as well. The injuries associated with overuse and these types of stress must be assessed carefully and given appropriate care. Before returning back to a sport after injury there are certain types of physical therapies and strength, balance, and reactive training that is recommended to lower the risk of re-injury and treat the patient in a preventative method.

Common Sports Injuries

Whether it’s an immediate, dramatic break or damage that accumulates over time, sports can do some serious damage. The workout-related problems we frequently treat include:

Repetitive stress conditions.

Arthritis and tendonitis often stem from sports moves like swinging a racket or throwing a ball. Joints and muscles can become inflamed in vulnerable areas, including shoulders, elbows, hips, ankles and knees.

Torn tendons and ligaments.

Those dramatic jumps, twists and stretches can result in equally dramatic “snapped” tissues, especially in the knees, shoulders and groin. Surgery followed by physical therapy is often the prescription.

Strained back.

Sometimes that sore lower back pain just won’t go away with basic home care. In such cases, our physical therapist will work with you to rebuild strength and flexibility.

Fractures and breaks.

When you have a bone injury during a game or workout, a trip to the emergency room usually results in a cast to promote healing. But as your bone is recovering, the muscles around it are weakening. Physical therapy helps to strengthen the affected area following a fracture.


Athletes know that the best way to avoid injury or re-injury is to build up strength and flexibility. Working out at the gym is great, but our physical therapists will guide you through specific moves that help you avoid future injuries based on your sport and your specific build. We’ll also talk you through strategies you can implement when you’re back on the field.

Treatment for Sports Injuries

Treatment for sport injuries begin with a comprehensive evaluation designed to assess not only the nature of the injury but also the best course of therapy based on the individual’s unique sport and which actions are typically demanded of the body. For the training itself, there are specific drills, exercises, and mobility activities that are developed on a schedule to fit the athlete’s needs and goals. Sport training is designed to continue to push the athlete’s abilities so that the athlete does not regress in strength, balance, or skill while in the recovery period following an injury or strain. This is monitored closely and tests are done to provide feedback about progress and rate of healing to prevent the risk of re-injury after returning to the athlete’s sport.

Disabling Injuries to Athletes

Return to Sport Training benefits any athlete who has experienced a disabling injury or subversive stress who wants specialized training with knowledgeable direction to guarantee the most effective rehabilitation possible. Athletes need specific treatment to restore dynamic for speed, agility, power, alignment, and sport performance. Working toward that goal are your trainers and therapists at Activa Physical Therapy who are dedicated to ensuring your healthy development, directed recovery, and successful return to your sport.

The number one question the athlete asks in the weeks following a sport injury is, “Can I return to my sport now?” Activa Physical Therapy understands that the athlete is anxious to get back to their field of passion which is why we don’t take shortcuts. We don’t want you to be in recovery any longer than you have to, but we also want to reduce the risk of any re-injury as they can require an even longer recovery period than the initial injury. So we take the healthiest approach with all our clients, fitting goals, and needs with exercises and mobilizations that are relevant to their sport. We also realize that it is hard work and takes quite a bit of effort to fully recover from a sport injury. So our physical therapist give our clients the preferential treatment and care that they deserve as the exceedingly motivated athletes they are.

Get “Back on Track” ASAP

Don’t wait to begin your sports injury recovery or prevention program. Our dedicated team of physical therapists is trained in the specific art of dealing with sports injuries, and we’ll have you back to fighting form in no time!

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