Post-Surgical Rehab Naperville, IL

Post-Surgical rehab

There are many facets involved in caring for and facilitating the healing of the body after a surgery. Rehabilitating after surgeries, especially for total joint replacement and post-surgical aftercare, is one of the most delicate and taxing of all recoveries. At Activa Physical Therapy, we recognize the importance of patient knowledge, patient care, and proper conditioning of the body in the aftermath of a major surgery. Because there are many things a recovering surgery patient must overcome, we work hard to ensure you move forward with your recovery in a healthy manner.

Why is Surgical Aftercare Important?

When a patient is released from the hospital after a joint replacement or other major surgery, they have the ability to carry out a few smaller goals like getting in and out of bed, and being able to eat, drink, and use the bathroom. Bodily limitations are still affecting the abilities of the patient, however, so it is important for the patient not to exert too much stress by carrying out regular activities right away. At Activa Physical Therapy, our physical therapist help you regain your healthy and active body starting from day one out of the hospital. There are many things to be aware of coming out of a major surgery. Besides the awareness of what pain medications to take, how to change bandages, and things to keep in mind to avoid complications, you have to maintain enough activity to strengthen your muscles and joints! This is where we come in. At Activa Physical Therapy, we know that you will have some good days and some bad days when it comes to your rehabilitation. We are committed to walking you through every day with professional care and kind-hearted commitment to help you achieve your goals. Aftercare is essential for you as a patient because it gives you the knowledge to be effective and direction and assistance to be safe.

What Does Post-Surgical Rehab Look Like?

Aftercare can really be considered anything pertaining to helpful activities and advice centered around the rehabilitation of the body after surgery. But in the context of physical therapy those activities and advice deal specifically with exercises and mobilizations that increase functionality of the joints and limbs affected by the trauma. This entails anything from simple instructions about how to get up from and sit down safely on a chair to contracting and releasing explicit muscles to improve stabilization and mobility. Physical therapy exercises and treatment following a joint replacement typically lasts at least two months.

When Will I Need Post-Surgical Rehab?

In order for proper rehabilitation and recovery of the body after a major surgery a mixture of physical exercise, adequate rest, proper diet, and attentive wound care are necessary. A patient must not be lacking in any of these areas or it may increase the time it takes for recovery and also increase risk of injury. For a safe, recuperative process of post-surgery care, come check out our physical therapists at Activa Physical Therapy.

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