Petar Knezevic

Petar grew up in Bosnia in Europe and moved to the US in 8th grade. He attended UIC for two years before taking a few years away from school. Now, he is back at the University of Phoenix working on a degree in Computer Science and Kinesiology.

Loyalty, honesty, integrity, selflessness, generosity, courage, and boldness are some core values driving Petar daily.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

There is a vast diversity of people that come to Activa with all sorts of injuries, and Petar as an Aide, loves getting to know the patients on a personal level, helping them recover and learn more about what their body is capable as they work hard on their road to recovery. It is extremely rewarding to Petar to see a patient come in on day 1 with very little hope, and then see them slowly get better and eventually leave therapy fully recovered and returned to their everyday activities.

At Activa Physical Therapy, Petar works side by side with Cyril, the PT at the Burr Ridge location, and helps patients go through exercises and ensure that they are doing them safely and properly! Most importantly, he make patients feel at home and welcome!

At Activa, he loves how friendly and kind everyone is. It is refreshing and exciting to be able to come to work in such a friendly and understanding environment where co-workers feel like your friends. Petar also loves how personable the patients are and how easy it is to talk with them as they are very nice and kind people.

What’s Petar Knezevic Reading and Listening To?

  • The DaVinci Code series
  • Harry Potter
  • Andrew Huberman on YouTube

Petar enjoys working out, playing sports- specifically soccer, video games, hanging out with friends, hiking, and being active. He also enjoys traveling and generally just having a great time!