I have had physical therapy at Activa for the past two months before and after PRP treatment for a torn meniscus in my knee. Samir and his team are very knowledgeable and caring. I felt they were interested in me personally and in my progress. Exercises were varied according to how I was doing. I loved the individual approach! I looked forward to going and was sad to have it end! They are very positive and fun to work with too!
Robin P
I had the pleasure of doing physical therapy for my hamstring/piriformis with Samir and his team this past fall and into the winter. I would highly recommend this group as they are not only knowledgeable but incredibly personable, as well! They monitor their patients very closely during the exercises and actually make physical therapy enjoyable. I looked forward to seeing them at my sessions and it was bittersweet to say goodbye. My son recently started physical therapy at Activa for a back issue and he is having an excellent experience, too. This team of people is professional, yet very warm and caring. Since Samir is affiliated with my doctor’s office, he remains in close contact with my doctor and trainers, which is another thing that sets Activa apart from other physical therapists.
Wendy D.
I moved to Naperville for a temporary work assignment and I decided to stop by Activa Physical Therapy one day since I had been dealing with back problems. This is the only place where I was taken care of by the entire attentive staff! From the moment I walked in, to when I left (feeling much better). Dr. Sharma is very friendly, attentive, and patient-oriented. I felt like I was his #1 priority throughout my therapy sessions. He helped me with creating a therapy plan to help my condition. I am happy to say that I’ve felt night and day better after my sessions. If you’re looking for a physical therapist, Dr. Sharma and Activa Physical Therapy is the place to go!!
Joel G
I look forward to physical therapy because Activa makes it so much fun!!! They are excellent at what they do. I’m going to be sad when it’s over.
Pattie M.
Very friendly, welcoming environment and staff! I wouldn’t have gotten better and faster without Activa! Cannot thank them enough!
Ray I.
Highly recommended! Friendly & knowledgeable staff.
Harinder G.
Before I came to Activa I had trouble sleeping at night on my sides. My pain management doctor had done a nerve ablation on my right and then left facet joints, but the pain got worse. So he sent me to Activa Physical Therapy. Even though it was a slight drive, I was done fooling around with just any PT place. I wanted the best I told my pain doctor. Samir worked with me to do exercises I could do, we slowly over the weeks worked on different exercises and stretches to help my hips, and lower back. As of today I have finished PT and can do more than I could before. I can sleep peacefully and walk around without looking like I’m 90 years old. I have had PT more times than I can count and this time I actually feel it helped. The staff is wonderful and very friendly as well.
Debbi M.
This winter I came in for my normal round of physical therapy post-op and was here for about 3 months. Everyone was so attentive to my injury, but nothing was getting better until I was referred to a new doctor by the staff at Activa and he recommended a new kind of surgery. After surgery in May, I came back to Activa for my second round of therapy and already I could see a difference. Before, I couldn’t resume my normal daily activities and trips to the gym, and now I’m back even better than before. One month after my surgery I was able to go hiking and running on the beach on vacation. The week after took a bit of resting, but I shortly recovered and now I’m going back to school and I’m excited to get back to my normal daily activities. If I ever have another injury or know someone who does, I would definitely recommend Activa!!
Jamie K.
My experience here has been very good. I have appreciated the small and more intimate environment as well as the individual attention from the therapist, Samir and his assistants. I appreciated the fact that I could make consistent times for my therapy. My back pain is not totally gone but very much improved. I have the confidence to do more things around the house. My back has not presented any pain while in therapy. I have some discomfort when waking up in the morning. However I have now been able to wash the kitchen floor without dreading it. I also have been able to do some weeding and raking at home.
Suzanne B.
I feel very fortunate to have been referred to treat with Samir at Activa. Over the last 15 years I have easily been treated by nearly 20 physical therapists , and by far he has been the best I have ever worked with. Samir is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, compassionate and has helped me a great deal. I cannot recommend a PT in the Chicagoland area more highly, I commute nearly 6 hours a week just to treat with him for my ankle, neck, and shoulder injuries.
Sarah F.
Samir and his amazing team here at Activa have been with me through enough unfortunate accidents to last a lifetime!

Originally, I came here after a motorcycle accident that resulted in a completely torn PCL. This made me unable to live not only the extremely active lifestyle I was used to (lifting, krav maga, and rock climbing), but to even walk without pain. Halfway through treating my knee, I was rear-ended by a drunk driver, resulting in whiplash that has taken almost an year to treat.

Through it all, the Activa team helped me navigate my treatments and were there for me as emotional support as well. I never doubted my full recovery despite its length–Samir and his team ensured I followed up with an orthopedic doctor if I was extra anxious about something.

I am extremely thankful that I chose Activa as my PT clinic and always enjoying coming even if I talked trash to the team’s face. Thanks for everything guys!!
Michelle W.
Excellent and Exceptional Physical Therapy treatment in Naperville! With just one treatment for my knee and wrist, my pain was almost gone and my movement was 100% back. I am very impressed with the staff, service and treatment. Clean and efficient facility. Highly recommended!
Tina S.
I LOVE this place! The staff is friendly, it’s clean, and most importantly, the people here actually care about your wellbeing.

I came here for a hip injury. Prior to my injury, I was working out about 5-6 days a week with a moderately intense cardio and weight training routine. I was eager to get back to my workout routine quickly.

Samir kept an eye on me throughout the entire duration of my program and made sure that I was progressing at a quick pace.

I had a really hard time sitting and bending before I came here. Just a little over a month later, I am feeling NO PAIN.
This staff is not just comprised of people who are looking to get you in and out. They are truly dedicated to eliminating your pain and helping you understand more about the human body.

I hope I don’t have to come back (who actually LIKES being injured?), but if I ever did need to receive more physical therapy for my hip or another injury, I’d go to Activa Physical Therapy without question.
Kendra H.
Activa Physical Therapy has great services that stand out from other PT offices. They genuinely care for each patient and is very attentive to their individual needs. Dr. Sharma is very knowledgable and offers some of the best care I have seen. I would highly recommend Activa to friends and family!
Yunae L.
The staff at Activa of Burr Ridge is incredibly friendly and obviously committed to ensuring patients make the best recovery possible. The workouts and exercises are not only tailored to each individual but also full of variety and honestly, they are fun. I had a great experience in my couple of months there and I can now confidently say that I do not require surgery for my injury! Thank you, guys!
Jamie Wolanin
I highly recommend Activa for athletes recovering from injury and anyone looking for high-quality individualized care. Samir attends to his patients’ needs with a level of attention that I had not previously experienced at other PT operations which felt more like factories to me. After 8 months of ankle pain and doctors recommending surgery, I worked with Samir regularly for a few months and have returned to running again!
Katerina Claiborne
Activa is the best physical therapy out-patient clinic in the western suburbs. I was a recent patient after a total knee replacement- I received state of the art care & one on one attention during every appointment. The highly skilled therapists and terrific, positive atmosphere of the clinic guided me to a full recovery. if you’re looking for well trained, experienced physical therapists, Activa is your go to. This clinic is a rare find in today’s health care industry!
Pat Coughlin
I have been to Activa Physical Therapy for the last 8 months – for ACL tear and meniscus rupture in my left knee, I saw Samir and his staff, and I cannot say enough great things about him, Samir goes above and beyond. He explained in detail why I needed to do each exercise, why the massage and ultrasound were needed, and set realistic timelines for me. It is a pain to do at-home exercises, but when you understand in detail why you should do them, it keeps you motivated. Even after I finished physical therapy, he followed up to see how I was doing.

Having been to physical therapists for the last 8 months, 3 times a week, I would describe it as a friendly environment. I will say, Samir is hilarious, and for the first time ever I didn’t dread going to PT even at 8:00 am or 7:00 pm. You don’t feel like you are 1 of 100 patients he has to rush through each day and he keeps it lighthearted, but productive.

It is honestly a game changer for me!
Mahesh S.
I got the absolute best restoration of function in my shoulder with Samir and his team at Activa PT in Naperville. They provided a lengthy evaluation on day 1 to understand the problem I had and then devised a results-oriented treatment plan thereafter. I was re-evaluated throughout the course of my therapy and adjustments to the plan of care was made as needed. If you are looking for a one on one, focused care, in a warm and friendly environment with guaranteed results go to Samir and his team at Activa PT in Naperville!
Izzie O
I tore my ACL while playing basketball with some friends. I wasn’t able to run, jump, or play any sports for the next many months. I got the surgery done about 5 months later, and started my physical therapy sessions at Activa Physical Therapy a few days later. I went from not being able to walk or even have the proper control/strength to move my leg to 6 months later being right back where I was before I tore my ACL. The staff at Activa is just awesome. Physical Therapy was the only part of my day that I would look forward to only because of how fun and enthusiastic the team here is. They’ll put you through the necessary pain but also make you laugh throughout the session (mostly by making fun of Kevin, who takes it like a champ). I would highly recommend Activa Physical Therapy over any other PT clinic. They provide a very high quality of service and make you feel like family by giving you the proper individual attention that other PT clinics choose to overlook. Thank you guys a lot for the pain, the laughs, and healing my legs.
Imran Q.
Excellent individualized patient care. Flexible hours. Clean and welcoming atmosphere. Would recommend as a first option for physical therapy to all.
Amit S.
Great staff members! Super friendly and very welcoming! Highly recommended!
Yash S.
Samir and his crew made this experience great! I never minded coming into Activa and I could tell every visit truly benefitted my back injury. Before PT, volleyball and basketball were very tough to play. Even walking around frequently irritated me. After PT, I can do all these activities and I feel no pain. I Highly Recommend Activa PT.
Kyle D.
When I first came in I was walking with a walker, couldn’t climb up the stairs, had almost no strength at all in my left knee. Activa has been really great! The team members, especially Samir, helped me with regular exercises. They gave my new exercises every few weeks, iced my knee, etc. I healed so well that today I can walk, climb stairs, bike with ease and I am ready to go back to the gym. The people at Activa are reliable, flexible, and above all quite compassionate. Thank you Activa!
Nina D.
I came to see Dr. Samir after a foot surgery which required me to wear a boot for 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, I was not referred until I was in so much pain that every step hurt. Dr. Samir was very knowledgeable and immediately recommended a treatment plan. Dr. Samir and his staff were very professional and welcoming. When they asked how I felt at each appointment I truly felt like they meant it. The environment has kind of a “family” feel. I am still recovering at this point but have made so much progress! I can go outside and take a walk with my daughter and enjoy it once again. Today was the first day I was able to step back on a treadmill and jog for a few minutes and it felt great! I owe them so much and thank them so much!
Rachel E.
Before PT I was in terrible pain, had no range of motion, and could hardly walk. I had hip replacement surgery and started PT, and I am no longer in pain. I’m getting back to my normal routine, walking a lot more. My overall experience with Samir was a wonderful beginning to end. Customer care was excellent, the staff was great, and he has put me on the path to recovery.
Helen R.
The Activa team is fantastic! I had ACL surgery and could barely walk and had no strength or functional movement when I first started therapy. The team started each session checking in on how my knee was doing and knew exactly which exercises to work on v others to wait on and how to tailor my session for the day. I could tell they were dedicated to my success and it shows in my results- I have gained a significant amount of strength and mobility working with them. I sadly am moving to a new state and need to finish therapy elsewhere- my next PT team will be held to a very high bar! I highly recommend all the PTs at Activa to anyone.
Ashley K.
I went there for my therapy and was treated with great care and personal touch. Dr. Sharma helped me with the right diagnosis and also work with me one-to-one to ensure my therapy was completed as discussed in 4 weeks! Heed to their recommendation to do certain things at home.

The staff is caring and personable! Definitely recommend this if you are looking for PT from a local business and not some big franchise!l
Kate M.
Samir and his team are wonderful! I enjoyed coming here for my weekly sessions. You can tell his staff enjoy working there too. After being scared to try physical therapy again after a negative and unhelpful experience several years ago at another physical therapy practice, I am happy that I was able to have a positive experience here at Activa with Samir. My pain has been one that has been a chronic issue for over 10 years. I have added Activa to my care plan and have gotten pain relief under control and Samir has given me targeted exercises to do at home so that I can have tools to use at home too.
Bea B.
The staff at Activa physical therapy have continually proved with the level of care that they are second to none. Dr. Sharma and his staff provide a friendly environment with dedicated treatment plans for each patient that enters the office. Dr. Sharma and his staff are miracle workers providing the most up to date care with the best treatment options available for the patients. With my busy schedule, he has been flexible coordinating treatment times around what is convenient for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better physical therapy experience and will highly recommend this establishment to anyone.
Kush S.
Dr. Sharma is a one of a kind therapist. Detail-oriented, personable, patient, and most of all capable of providing superior service. His staff was very friendly and they all helped me come up with a plan that finally allowed me to strengthen my back and drastically reduce pain. I would highly recommend him!
Harluxsh G.
Dr. Sharma at Activa is the best PT I’ve ever seen! He was so warm, professional and helpful. After a few sessions with him, my horrendous left knee felt so much better and stronger. I went from never being able to run without a knee brace to finishing a 5k beating my personal record without one! He is truly the best PT in the area – I can’t recommend him enough!
Sneha B.
I would highly recommend going to Activa. I was referred to Activa by my doctor after a shoulder injury. I was in a lot of pain. They helped me recover in a very short period of time. The recovery was faster than expected. Everyone was very helpful and professional which to led to my fast recovery. I had gone to physical therapy before at a different place and it was nothing Activa. Unlike my previous experience with physical therapy, I was able to fully recover at Activa.
Firas Khuzam
I would recommend Activa to anyone in need of physical therapy!! The office is very well organized, the staff is so friendly and the therapists really know what they’re doing! They provide personalized sessions which can have you feeling better and out of pain in just one visit!
Aashna Deva
I’m 39 and had a chronic ankle sprain that just wasn’t getting better for more than a year and seriously limited my ability to exercise regularly. I had done other PT with limited results and then found Activa, where they took a hands on approach, breaking down the scar tissue, increasing mobility, etc. After a few months, I am AMAZED that I’m pretty much pain free, running again and not feeling so old anymore :)…a great place, great people and great at what they do!
Brian Shields