Patient Testimonials

  • Before PT I was in terrible pain, had no range of motion, and could hardly walk. I had hip replacement surgery and started PT, and I am no longer in pain. I’m getting back to my normal routine, walking a lot more. My overall experience with Samir was wonderful beginning to end. Customer care was excellent, staff was great, and he has put me on the path to recovery.

    Helen R.
  • Before I came to Activa I had trouble sleeping at night on my sides. My pain management doctor had done a nerve ablation on my right and then left facet joints, but the pain got worse. So he sent me to Activa Physical Therapy. Even though it was a slight drive, I was done fooling around with just any PT place. I wanted the best I told my pain doctor. Samir worked with me to do exercises I could do, we slowly over the weeks worked on different exercises and stretches to help my hips, and lower back. As of today I have finished PT and can do more then I could before. I can sleep peacefully and walk around without looking like I’m 90 years old. I have had PT more times than I can count and this time I actually feel it helped. The staff is wonderful and very friendly as well.

    Debbi M.
  • My experience here has been very good. I have appreciated the small and more intimate environment as well as the individual attention from the therapist, Samir and his assistants. I appreciated the fact that I could make consistent times for my therapy. My back pain is not totally gone but very much improved. I have the confidence to do more things around the house. My back has not presented any pain while in therapy. I have some discomfort when waking up in the morning. However I have now been able to wash the kitchen floor without dreading it. I also have been able to do some weeding and raking at home.

    Suzanne B.
  • I came to see Dr. Samir after a foot surgery which required me to wear a boot for 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately I was not referred until I was in so much pain that every step hurt. Dr. Samir was very knowledgeable and immediately recommended a treatment plan. Dr. Samir and his staff were very professional and welcoming. When they asked how I felt at each appointment I truly felt like they meant it. The environment has kind of a “family” feel. I am still recovering at this point but have made so much progress! I can go outside and take a walk with my daughter and enjoy it once again. Today was the first day I was able to step back on a treadmill and jog for a few minutes and it felt great! I owe them so much and thank them so much!

    Rachel E.
  • When I first came in I was walking with a walker, couldn’t climb up the stairs, had almost no strength at all in my left knee. Activa has been really great! The team members, especially Samir, helped me with regular exercises. They gave my new exercises every few weeks, iced my knee, etc. I healed so well that today I can walk, climb stairs, bike with ease and I am ready to go back to the gym. The people at Activa are reliable, flexible, and above all quite compassionate. Thank you Activa!

    Nina D.
  • This winter I came in for my normal round of physical therapy post-op and was here for about 3 months. Everyone was so attentive to my injury, but nothing was getting better until I was referred to a new doctor by the staff at Activa and he recommended a new kind of surgery. After surgery in May, I came back to Activa for my second round of therapy and already I could see a difference. Before, I couldn’t resume my normal daily activities and trips to the gym, and now I’m back even better than before. One month after my surgery I was able to go hiking and running on the beach on vacation. The week after took a bit of resting, but I shortly recovered and now I’m going back to school and I’m excited to get back to my normal daily activities. If I ever have another injury or know someone who does, I would definitely recommend Activa!!

    Jamie K.
  • Samir and his crew made this experience great! I never minded coming into Activa and I could tell every visit truly benefitted my back injury. Before PT, volleyball and basketball were very tough to play. Even walking around frequently irritated me. After PT, I can do all these activities and I feel no pain. I Highly Recommend Activa PT.

    Kyle D.
  • I tore my ACL while playing basketball with some friends. I wasn’t able to run, jump, or play any sports for the next many months. I got surgery done about 5 months later, and started my physical therapy sessions at Activa Physical Therapy a few days later. I went from not being able to walk or even have the proper control/strength to move my leg to 6 months later being right back where I was before I tore my ACL. The staff at Activa is just awesome. Physical Therapy was the only part of my day that I would look forward to only because of how fun and enthusiastic the team here is. They’ll put you through the necessary pain but also make you laugh throughout the session (mostly by making fun of Kevin, who takes it like a champ). I would highly recommend Activa Physical Therapy over any other PT clinic. They provide very high quality of service and make you feel like family by giving you the proper individual attention that other PT clinics choose to overlook. Thank you guys a lot for the pain, the laughs, and healing my legs.

    Imran Q.
  • Great staff members! Super friendly and very welcoming! Highly recommended!

    Yash S.
  • Highly recommended! Friendly & knowledgeable staff.

    Harinder G.
  • Very friendly, welcoming environment and staff! I wouldn’t have gotten better and faster without Activa! Cannot thank them enough!

    Ray I.
  • Excellent individualized patient care. Flexible hours. Clean and welcoming atmosphere. Would recommend as a first option for physical therapy to all.

    Amit S.
  • I look forward to physical therapy because Activa makes it so much fun!!! They are excellent at what they do. I’m going to be sad when it’s over.

    Pattie M.
  • I moved to Naperville for a temporary work assignment and I decided to stop by Activa Physical Therapy one day since I had been dealing with back problems. This is the only place where I was taken care of from the entire attentive staff! From the moment I walked in to when I left (feeling much better). Dr. Sharma is very friendly, attentive and patient oriented. I felt like I was his #1 priority throughout my therapy sessions. He helped me with creating a therapy plan to help my condition. I am happy to say that I’ve felt night and day better after my sessions. If you’re looking for a physical therapist, Dr. Sharma and Activa Physical Therapy is the place to go!!

    Joel G.
  • I love the folks at Activa. While no one wants to have to have physical therapy Samir and his staff make it easy and comfortable to rehab and deal with chronic pain issues. I have had a lot of physical therapy in my life and I have to say I have seen better results with Samir than I have with any of the others. Alex (massage therapist) has also been a great addition to Activa.

    One morning I had the beginnings of migraine, so I thought about not going to therapy. But I dragged myself there hoping to get relief for my neck. Not only did Sam and Alex address the pain in my neck but by the time I left the headache was completely gone. I can’t say enough good things about the people at Activa and would highly recommend them!

    Kathi B.
  • I got the absolute best restoration of function in my shoulder with Samir and his team at Activa PT in Naperville. They provided a lengthy evaluation on day 1 to understand the problem I had and then devised a results-oriented treatment plan thereafter. I was re-evaluated throughout the course of my therapy and adjustments to the plan of care was made as needed. If you are looking for a one on one, focused care, in a warm and friendly environment with guaranteed results go to Samir and his team at Activa PT in Naperville!

    Izzie O.
  • I had the pleasure of doing physical therapy for my hamstring/piriformis with Samir and his team this past fall and into the winter. I would highly recommend this group as they are not only knowledgeable but incredibly personable, as well! They monitor their patients very closely during the exercises and actually make physical therapy enjoyable. I looked forward to seeing them at my sessions and it was bittersweet to say goodbye. My son recently started physical therapy at Activa for a back issue and he is having an excellent experience, too. This team of people is professional, yet very warm and caring. Since Samir is affiliated with my doctor’s office, he remains in close contact with my doctor and trainers, which is another thing that sets Activa apart from other physical therapists.

    Wendy D.
  • I have been to Activa Physical Therapy for the last 8 months – for ACL tear and meniscus rupture in my left knee, I saw Samir and his staff, and I cannot say enough great things about him, Samir goes above and beyond. He explained in detail why I needed to do each exercise, why the massage and ultrasound were needed, and set realistic timelines for me. It is a pain to do at-home exercises, but when you understand in detail why you should do them, it keeps you motivated. Even after I finished physical therapy, he followed up to see how I was doing.

    Having been to physical therapists for the last 8 months, 3 times a week, I would describe it as a friendly environment. I will say, Samir is hilarious, and for the first time ever I didn’t dread going to PT even at 8:00 am or 7:00 pm. You don’t feel like you are 1 of 100 patients he has to rush through each day and he keeps it lighthearted, but productive.

    It is honestly a game changer for me!

    Mahesh S.
  • I have had physical therapy at Activa for the past two months before and after PRP treatment for a torn meniscus in my knee. Samir and his team are very knowledgeable and caring. I felt they were interested in me personally and in my progress. Exercises were varied according to how I was doing. I loved the individual approach! I looked forward to going and was sad to have it end! They are very positive and fun to work with too!

    Robin P.
  • Best PT clinic I’ve been to. You get individual attention by the Physical Therapist and the assistants. They are very knowledgeable, and are constantly monitoring your progress. They create a very friendly and open environment, and you basically get treated like family in there. Life after my ACL Reconstruction surgery was pretty boring and depressing, and going to Activa was the only part of the day I would look forward to because it’d be fun and the team would always make you laugh. Absolutely recommend Activa Physical Therapy to others, in fact…don‘t bother looking anywhere else.

    Imran Q.