The Naper Settlement is a cultural and historical landmark in Naperville, IL. It tells the story of how settlers from Napier’s Home settled the land that became Naper Settlement. Visitors can explore more than 100 years of history on this site and learn about farming, architecture, and social life during the 1800s. Visit this link for more information.

Naper Settlement in Naperville, IL is one of the best places to visit for people who are interested in history. The community was established by John Noble Stith and his family as they moved westward along the Des Plaines River to settle along its banks. There were attempts made at founding a city there but it ultimately failed due to fire damage which led all settlers to move back eastwards again towards New York. It wasn’t until 1835 when Joseph Naper arrived that things began picking up around this area once more where he would help build roads and mills throughout the region before finally settling down with an inn for travelers arriving along the Naper Trail. The settlement was eventually named after Naper in 1837 and would go on to be officially chartered as a city by 1840 which is when things really took off for this town. See here for information about Riverwalk Park in Naperville, IL: A Pleasant Day Out.