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Manual Therapy and Mobilizations

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy and mobilizations is a skilled, hands-on, passive therapy technique that is characterized by sudden, high velocity manipulations. Physical therapists are highly trained and well-practiced before they use manipulations of this sort. The objectives of manual therapy are to relieve pain, increase mobility, reduce stiffness and inflammation, decrease joint wear and tear, induce relaxation, and improve function. This technique can help free or unlock joints that are misaligned and is sometimes characterized by a “popping” sound that results from joints being corrected. Manual therapy is most commonly known for its use on the spine. However, there are no limitations to which joints can be treated with this therapy. Often it is used for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and toes.

What is Mobilization?

Mobilization is a manual therapy technique comprised of skilled passive movements applied at varying speeds and amplitudes to the joint. The intended use of mobilizations is to restore optimal motion, function, and/or reduce pain.

How Do Manual Therapy and Mobilization Work?

Manual therapy and mobilizations work by using the power of specific hands-on techniques to facilitate movement and improve function. This takes the form of massage, but with alterations of amplitudes in applied pressure. These advanced techniques allow the joint to move in ways that patients cannot move or control by themselves. The passive movement of a joint stretches surrounding muscles, ligaments, and the joint capsule; it may also break adhesions or realign scar tissue, which leads to increased range of motion. Physical therapists who are trained in manual therapy are taught to use their hands to evaluate the joints they are manipulating as they express the massage. This method gives them knowledge of any issues they may be encountering, helps them overcome those issues, and gives provision for minimal pain.

What are the Benefits of Manual Therapy and Mobilization?

Manual therapy and mobilizations are specifically used to reduce pain in soft tissues and joint structures, increase range of motion, facilitate movement, and improve function. Physical therapists use manipulation in conjunction with other complementary techniques such as therapeutic exercises, proprioception training, and joint mobilizations to address the cause of a patient’s discomfort or pain and prevent further problem from arising.

When is Manual Therapy and Mobilization Necessary?

Manual therapy is not used with all patients. Every person must be evaluated and tested to see which technique is appropriate. Manual therapy is used if a joint has restricted mobility known as hypo-mobile, or if a joint has too much mobility known as hyper-mobile. Manual therapy is also helpful for neck pain, low back pain, thoracic spine pain, headaches, TMJ dysfunctions, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, and fibromyalgia. Talk to one of our trained physical therapists at Activa Physical Therapy to see if manual therapy is suited for your condition.

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