Functional Mobility Exercises Naperville, IL

Functional Mobility Exercises

Activa Physical Therapy’s functional mobility exercises and training are geared toward developing your muscles and joints to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities. These mobility exercises focus on preparing your body for physical tasks that you already achieve every day. Their emphasis on core stability increased mobilization and movement proficiency improves basic functional movement patterns like pushing, pulling, squatting, rotating, carrying, and gait. The fundamental abilities of the body should not be taken for granted, nor should they be ignored. No matter what your fitness level, functional mobility exercises will improve balance, stability, and strength to carry out your daily activities.

What are Functional Mobility Exercises?

Functional mobility exercises incorporate repetitious and constructive mobile movements to develop the use of muscles and increase the effective motion of joints throughout the body. These exercises can include several types of squats, hurdle steps, in-line lunges, straight leg raises, stability push ups, stationary runners, lateral bird dogs, and superfrogs. The areas worked on in functional training are hips, shoulders, ankles, feet, knees, back, and neck. The advantages that functional mobility exercises provide are increased the stability of the joints that are meant to be stable and increased mobility of the joints that are designed to move. These exercises are dynamic as well which increases the heart rate, promoting health through increased blood flow.

Functional Mobility Training Exercises

These types of functional mobility training exercises are for anyone. They are after all functional. Regardless of your fitness level, functional mobilizations will increase general health and give you the mobility you need for every day. These mobility exercises are also designed to increase the effectiveness of your use of muscles. They train your muscles to work together by simulating movements you will do at home, at work, or in sports, and get you ready to get back to the activities you love to do. They tend to be multi-joint and multi-muscle exercises because that’s the way your muscles are normally used. Functional training helps prevent injuries or falls by improving balance, agility, and muscle strength. Activa’s exercise tools may include such things as fitness balls, weights, high-density foam rollers, strong rubber bands, and manual resistance given by your physical therapist.

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