Electric Stimulation Naperville, IL

Electric Stimulation

What is Electric Therapy?

Electric stimulation is a treatment that applies electrical currents to create muscle contraction, increase muscle strength, and prevent muscle atrophy. It is also used for chronic pain relief. There are different types of treatments used under this category and they each have a distinctive purpose.

  1. TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is used to stimulate muscle contractions and prevent muscle spasms. This method prevents muscle atrophy of unused muscles in an injured area.
  2. IFC (interferential current) is another form of TENS used to decrease inflammation and swelling of tissue. It also has shown effects in improving symptoms of asthma and reducing back pain.
  3. Galvanic Stimulation is another form of electric stimulation, different from TENS in that it works with a direct rather than alternating current. It is also used to decrease swelling and increase blood flow to promote healing in the injured area.

How Does Electric Therapy Work?

In electric therapy, electrodes are placed on the patient’s skin around the target area and the area is stimulated to cause muscle contraction and nerve stimulation which results in increased blood flow. The modalities that are used are designed to take the electrical current from a common wall outlet and convert it to certain intensities to produce specific effects on human tissue. The responses of the electrical stimulation give the muscles in the injured area the ability to strengthen themselves in the time while the patient is unable to use them normally. This prevents muscle atrophy and speeds recovery.

How Does Electric Therapy Help?

It is common with injury for the muscles around the affected area to relapse and weaken from lack of use. Electric therapy provides a way to stimulate those muscles without discomfort or further injury. The process of healing relies greatly on the contraction of muscles to increase blood flow, and the strengthening that this therapy provides hastens recovery.

What Can I Expect During Electric Therapy?

The TENS machine works by shooting an electric current (which can be set for different wavelength frequencies and intensities) through electrodes that are attached to the skin near the injury. This stimulates the muscles around the target area to contract. Stimulation of this type is considered safe when the machine is used properly. People use TENS to relieve pain, treat muscle or joint problems, and prevent muscle atrophy.

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